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Home Learning after Easter

Dear families

After the experience of two weeks of Home Learning and the feedback we have received from you, as well as our teachers, after the Easter break we will be revising what we are asking the children to do each day and what you can do to support them. The new approach to Home Learning will start on Monday, 20 April.


Though none of us planned this, more than ever we need the strongest possible partnership between home and school. We know this will be a challenge but we also know our families will rise to that challenge with us. There will be issues but we will overcome them together. We will succeed because we will all do the very best that we can for the children.

New learning timetable

Our headteachers carried out an in-depth review of Home Learning and have agreed on a common approach across the schools. This will apply to all our primary schools: Cuckoo Hall, Woodpecker Hall, Kingfisher Hall & Enfield Heights. We will continue to use DB Primary as our main education platform.

Note: Woodpecker Reception parents can use DB Primary or Tapestry: the same work will be set on both.

Please request login details if you do not know them info@chat-edu.org.uk

We have suggested a daily structure for the learning week through a new timetable.

Over the Easter break we will be revamping all the school websites and you will have the timetable in a word/ PDF document form.

We are aware that some families have smartphones but do not have access to the internet. We are exploring additional ways to provide support learning in homes without the internet.

Below you will find two short films explaining what we are asking of the children and what you can do as mum, dad, carer.

Nicky Ross is head teacher of Cuckoo Hall Academy and is also the primary school improvement lead for all our schools.

Please let us know if you have any questions info@chat-edu.org.uk

Nicky Ross (Cuckoo Hall), Sharon Parson (Woodpecker Hall), Matt Clifford (Kingfisher Hall), Jade-Simone Bacon (Enfield Heights)

Explaining our new approach to Home Learning

How the new timetable for Home Learning will work

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