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School Direct PGCE with QTS Teacher Trainees in collaboration with CHAT Academies (Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust) and the highly acclaimed  University of Warwick


CHAT Academies has primary and secondary (variety of subjects) PGCE teacher trainee placements to offer for 2019-20. Some of these places will be taken up by CHAT with a proposal for some places to be offered to other schools in Enfield as well as Minerva Schools in central London and central Cambridge.
CHAT would be the lead school.

The PGCE course is run in collaboration with the University of Warwick (Its Centre for Teacher Education is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted for both primary and secondary teacher training).

Some trainees will be placed at CHAT Academies (3 x primary academies ... Woodpecker Hall, Kingfisher Hall, Enfield Heights and 1 x secondary academy ... Heron Hall) with some based in other partner schools which are rated as 'good' or 'outstanding'.

The UCAS application window opened from October 2017 and applications are now being  received.

If you are interested in a first class, absolutely outstanding, salaried training programme you should make enquiries and APPLY NOW.


If an applicant meets the pre-course criteria (5 x GCSEs; English, Maths and Science at grade C or above; Degree at preferably 2:1 or above but negotiable for a strong candidate; English and Maths Skills Tests) they will be interviewed and can be offered a conditional or unconditional place. A conditional place is dependent on the applicant registering and passing the English and Maths Key Skills Tests.

Applicants will have an agreed period of time to pass the Skills Tests. Trainees must fulfil all entry criteria before the start of the course in September 2019.

Following application to CHAT as the lead school, the applicant will be offered an interview which comprises of a formal interview; a written task;  and be required to teach a lesson which will be observed by the interviewers. Interviewers would comprise of Bob Green, Professional Tutor,  a CHAT representative (usually a headteacher, deputy or HR member) and a Warwick representative (optional).

The main school placement and PGCE course

The initial placement is from September 2019 through to the end of the Summer Term in July 2020.

Each trainee will be assigned a dedicated in-school mentor.

Each mentor will be trained ... by the CHAT-Warwick Professional Tutor (currently Bob Green).

Mentors are required to observe their allocated trainee on a weekly basis and meet with the trainee weekly.

Mentors will complete a half-termly assessment (IP... Interim Profile Form  at he end of a half term and an AP ... Assessment Profile  Form before the end of each term) linked to Part 1 and Part 2 of the Teaching Standards ... training and update briefing meetings are offered to all mentors in preparation to assist with completion of the assessments.

The Professional Tutor (currently Bob Green) will undertake half- term visits (so six visits during the year) to each trainee and mentor to undertake a joint observation with the mentor, to quality assure the feedback, check and QA trainee files, check the evidence and documentation and provide follow up regarding any queries or concerns. High quality communications with and between all professionals who support the trainee are seen as a vital component to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Warwick will provide further quality assurance through regular visits from a Teaching Fellow and lead personnel.

Warwick will assign a university based Personal Tutor to every trainee.

Email and telephone support is offered to every trainee with a response usually within 24 hours.

The programme for the trainee

Trainees are offered at least a one year initial contract. CHAT currently has an Agreement in place which ties the trainee in for additional years in return for fees being paid by CHAT to Warwick (£9,000) and a salaried position at a CHAT Academy. Pay back by the trainee, on a sliding scale (eg 100%, 75%, 50%) is required if they leave their teaching post within the four year period. If CHAT cancels the contract or the trainee moves to another school which is in partnership with CHAT no pay back of fees is required. 

A Teaching commitment of at least 30%-50% in the Autumn Term but usually higher than this depending on competence, increasing to 50%-60% and up to 75% in the Spring Term and rising to 75%-80% by the Summer Term.

A  2nd placement (in a different Key Stage if primary) of at least 6 weeks x 4 days a week in the first half of the Spring Term, in another school ie a CHAT Academy, a complementary partner Enfield School or Minerva School. NB This is a mandatory course requirement.

2nd complimentary placements can be up to a full term, by negotiation, and facilitated through a reciprocal agreement between schools. Placements are organised by the Professional Tutor in a reciprocal arrangement between two schools.

Attendance at a 4 day Induction Programme at Warwick (last week in August)...NB This as a mandatory course requirement.

Attendance at a 3 day residential at Warwick in the October half term... NB This is a mandatory course requirement.

Attendance at 6 x Specialism Days at Warwick across the year (options for primary are English, Maths, Science, SEND / their own subject specific specialism if they are in secondary education)... NB This is a mandatory course requirement.

Attendance at Friday afternoon training sessions based at CHAT.  NB This is a mandatory course requirement. (Heron Hall is located a few hundred metres from Southbury Station. The Victoria Line runs to Seven Sisters, change here then over ground to Southbury. Alternatively, Heron Hall is located on Queensway in Ponders End and is approximately two miles from J25 of the M25)

These sessions are led by a variety of professionals eg Bob Green, CHAT senior teachers with a Masters’ Degree, expert practitioners and subject leads, Warwick leading personnel. There are opportunities  for  Warwick and school leading personnel to get involved with the programme delivery.

A Warwick pre-requirement for anyone delivering training sessions is a Masters Degree.

The offer

CHAT would be the lead school.

The University of Warwick PGCE with QTS course fees would be paid by CHAT (£9,000) which would include training for the trainee and mentor, whether based at CHAT in London or at Warwick.

CHAT or the host school would pay a salary, which is negotiable, to each trainee it employs (the course is School Direct Salaried). CHAT School Direct salaried trainees are currently paid a salary in addition to CHAT paying the £9,000 PGCE with QTS course fees to Warwick. With on costs, the package is worth up to £28,000 and we believe it is ‘up there with the best’ offer and training.

If you want a career in teaching, this offer can set you up for a highly successful career in your chosen profession.

CHAT would provide and lead all the training for each trainee and their school-based assigned mentor in collaboration with Warwick. Leading professionals’ involvement from Warwick and other schools is welcomed.
CHAT/Warwick would provide quality assurance through half-termly Professional Tutor and Teaching Fellow visits.
The CHAT-Warwick PGCE with QTS carries 90 masters’ level credits towards an MA (the MA equates to a total of 180 credits).

CHAT currently has 13 teachers who are undertaking the MA with Warwick over a 2 or 3 year period, dependent on meeting pre-course requirements.  The MA is currently subsidised by 50% of the total course fees for CHAT employees and is seen as an important element of its career and professional development programme for teachers.

Other more experienced and senior teachers at other schools can apply to undertake the Warwick MA. The course involves the writing of assignments (Research Methods; a subject specific assignment) and the compilation of a 20,000 word dissertation. Training, support, group seminars, individual tutorials in bespoke sessions with the MA Warwick Lead Person, Dr Deb Outhwaite, are offered and provided both at Heron Hall and at The University of Warwick.

Next steps

The UCAS application window opened from October 2018. Applications are now being invited for a September 2018 start. Applications and interviews will take place up to the end of June/beginning of July 2019. Any offer for a trainee to undertake their main placement at CHAT /and Minerva /other schools is subject to agreement and approval by CHAT, the appointing school and the University of Warwick.

Visit a CHAT school

We would love the opportunity to show you around.

More info

For further information, a discussion and how to apply for this wonderful opportunity contact:
Bob Green

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