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Friday, 15 November 2019

Dear Colleagues
You will be aware from my weekly messages that I believe training and good quality continuing professional development is vital for our staff.
Maintaining and enhancing  your knowledge and skills is necessary to help to deliver the best possible education for our children.
I wanted to let you know that this applies to everyone in the Trust, including, of course, myself.
One of the biggest challenges for us as a family of 5 schools is how do we take school-to-school collaboration and improvement at scale to the next level.
Over the past two days, I have been on a training course which examines such issues.
I was able to discuss what we are doing at CHAT in detail with other CEOs and also people like Baroness Morris, the former Secretary of State for Education.
As part of the annual performance appraisal, everyone should be identifying where they need additional training or ways to build professional knowledge.
This can be achieved in various ways, including formal training, online courses and other web based learning, and mentoring.

They love their maths at Heights

We use maths in all aspects of life and it’s a skill you will use in just about every subject.
We know, however, there is a danger that some children from an early age can be fearful of maths.
But not at Enfield Heights - where Head of school, Jade  Simone-Bacon, devoted a whole week to celebrate all things numbers related. It was a great way to enthuse the children, from dressing up to numbers games.

Viking invasion at Woodpecker

It was back to 790 at the school earlier today.
As part of learning about great historical events and the theme invasion, large numbers of ‘Vikings’ were seen around the school on Friday. Luckily they were all friendly.
The children made an array of stunning outfits, including tunics, linen shirts, apron dresses and boots.
Weapons such as shields, axes and swords were in plenty of evidence in the school hall. There was even a Viking war horn.
The children also found out how the Vikings lived, what they ate and their favourite songs. A great learning experience.

Children in Need celebrated in style

It’s that time of the year again for one of the biggest charity events in the UK with various events held in our schools to raise cash.
The famous Pudsey visited Woodpecker and Cuckoo in person, much to the delight of the children.
Everyone was encouraged to wear something yellow or spotty. Money raising initiatives included a bake sale, a danceathon, and a massive playground Macarena at Cuckoo Hall.

Heron students win robot race competition

A group of eight year 8 girls went to visit CGI, the Canadian global information technology.

As part of their day at one of the world’s biggest IT companies, the students entered a competition to race a robot around a course using various software programs on a laptop.

This took great skill, mental agility and steady nerves. The result was that they triumphed over all the other teams with a winning time that could not be beaten.

The students really enjoyed their visit and have been inspired to pursue careers in STEM.

Up front: Year 6s deliver their own assembly at Kingfisher

Year 6 pupils took over assembly time this week, giving them an opportunity to present in front of a large group, honing valuable communication skills.
There were presentations on the recent trip to the Danbury activities centre and an afternoon spent in the science laboratories of Heron Hall

Community Outreach – new groups for parents

Two popular new groups for parents started this week at Cuckoo and Kingfisher.
Crochet and knitting bring parents together to learn or develop existing skills.
The groups are also a great way to practice speaking English and to make new friends.
This is another initiative from the Community Outreach team.


Another book recommendation from a colleague: Wellbeing: The 5 Essential Elements.
When striving to improve our lives, we can be quick to buy into programmes that promise to help us reduce stress, make more money, lose weight, or strengthen our relationships.
This comprehensive study of people in more than 150 countries revealed five universal, interconnected elements that shape our lives in a holistic view.
Read more here.
Wrap up warm and have a great weekend.

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