Enfield Height's reception class go on a bear hunt

A Brave Bear

The creative reception class from Enfield Heights read the book ‘A Brave Bear' and learnt all about where they live, created and built an incredible cave.

The children also went to the park to go on an exciting bear hunt,

This is following on from the Blue Penguin book which saw their transform into a scene from Antarctica.

Power of Reading

From January 2019, Reception have introduced a new literacy scheme called ‘Power of Reading’. This scheme enables schools to raise engagement and attainment in reading and writing for all pupils.

Every 3-4 weeks, children will gradually be introduced to a new book and all areas of learning and activities will focus on aspects of the story. For example, in previous weeks, children have explored the story of the ‘Blue Penguin’ and 'A Brave Bear. 

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What is the bravest thing in the world? A brave bear, of course! And who is the best at helping a little bear be brave? His dad, of course! A story of a daddy and a baby bear, on a day that's as hot as hot can be. The Little Bear suggests that they go all the way to the river to cool down. But what will happen when Little Bear tries to impress his dad by doing a big jump across the rocks?

A story inspired by dads and sons, about the little moments that pass between them and about enjoying the very simple pleasures of life - splashing in a cool river on a hot day.