Trust schools are part of solar power revolution

The AGM of Solar for schools, which brings together schools, investors and installers, enabling schools to produce low-cost solar electricity and benefit from financial savings, was hosted this year by CHAT Academies at Heron Hall.

All CHAT schools have installed solar panels - one of the biggest schemes in the country. These have saved over 250 tonnes of deadly carbon from being produced and released into the atmosphere.

CHAT schools are part of a special Solar Community Benefit Society.

The Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society Ltd (CBS) was set-up in 2016 to enable schools in England and Wales to benefit from solar panels without having to invest themselves, yet share in the expected long-term profits, or surplus income generated by each solar project despite very low government subsidies.

CHAT Academies Chief Executive Officer, Marino Charalambous, said:

"I am very proud that our schools are leading the way in generating solar power. Not only are we helping to teach our pupils about the need to reduce the amount of carbon we are directly responsible for, we are also saving money, and showing that everyone can make a difference in the battle against global warming."

"Solar for Schools is a brilliant organisation to work with."

Robert Schrimpff, Co-Founder & CEO of Solar for Schools thanked CHAT for hosting the AGM and for the strong support the Trust is giving to promoting solar power in the academy sector.

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