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Marino Charalambous

Dear Parent/ Guardian

Message to parents from the Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive of the Trust, I hope everyone has settled in well to what we hope will be a very successful year in each of our schools.

It is also an extra special time, of course, for those mums and dads whose children are starting at school for the first time. We are privileged that you have chosen us to begin your child’s education and promise to take great care of them.

As many of you will know, we are an educational charity at the heart of the community with the sole purpose of running local schools to help to give the children an enriching and inspiring educational experience, where they can thrive both academically and socially.

My role as the Chief Executive of the family of 5 schools that make up the CHAT Academies Trust, therefore, is to ensure that our children to have the best possible opportunities to learn inside and outside of the classroom. We also want them to have a sense of place, knowing the importance of community and togetherness in their everyday lives as they develop into the citizens of the future.

Financially stable
I am pleased to be able to say that our family of schools is well run. We are stronger together. So, unlike many schools were are in a stable financial position and will continue to invest as much as we can to support teaching and learning.

Partnership with parents – free support
Our partnership with parents is absolutely critical. The more we work together, the better the outcomes are for the children. It is another area where we are stronger together.

I want us to do even more this year to support our parents in whatever ways we can. This is why we are one of the few Trusts that fund a major Community Outreach programme. Our latest initiative is antenatal clinics for parents.

We provide support in a variety of areas which will help you in being a positive role model in your child’s life. Whether you need advice on parenting, transition, life at school, or you want to improve your skills to enable you to go back to work, our Community Support team is here for you.

We work with a range of partners enabling you to network and learn across many different organisations, many running accredited programmes.

Our partnership with Save the Children is nationally recognised as one of the very best in the UK.

Please see the ‘Community Outreach ‘ sections on our school websites and publicity on social media for more details.

Better communications
Whenever I meet with parents, this issue regularly comes up. This year I am challenging our schools to improve the way we communicate with you - face to face, at meetings, ensuring regular newsletters go out as well as updates from head teachers, keeping key dates and events frequently updated on the websites. I would also encourage you to talk directly to your teachers if you are able to.

Please keep an eye out for ‘CHAT News’, the newsletter I send out, which includes resources and tips to help our parents at home.

There are also lots of ways to receive information from our social media channels - from Facebook and YouTube to Instagram! See your school website for more information.

Read Aloud – the relaunch of our popular campaign
We all know how important reading in and out of school is. Watch out for the re-launch of Read Aloud in our primary schools with after school events, competitions.

Get in touch
While I would ask that you always contact your school first if you have a specific issue, if you would like to make a suggestion, have an idea to improve communications, or would like to give me any feedback, you can contact me at

Best wishes


Edition 1 Winter 2019

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In this edition: News from the schools, resources and tips to help parents at home, Reading Aloud, Social Media - stay in contact, Inspire Maths, and more.

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